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About Kambo

Amazon - Rainforest
What is Kambo?


Kambo is the name given to the Medicine extracted from the secretion of the frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor; also called Giant Tree Frog, Sapo or just "Kambo"; in the Amazon is also known as "El Doctorcito" (Little Doctor in Spanish).


It is an Ancestral Medicine with an Spiritual base discovered deep in the jungles of the Amazon that have been used to treat different problems such as:

  • Panemas (Depression, Stress, Bad luck, Sadness, Panic Attacks, Procrastination, Negative attitudes to life in general)

  • Migraines

  • Nervous system diseases such as Cancer and Fibromyalgia

  • Organ diseases, such as Liver, Heart, among others

  • Skin and Eyes Issues

  • Inflammation (One of the most Powerful anti-inflamatoiries known

  • Fertility Problems

  • HIV/Aids (Strengthens Defenses and Immune System) 

  • Hepatitis

  • Brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinsons'

  • Pains and Inflamations

  • Body Weaknesses

  • Cardiovascular Problems (Regulates Heartbeat, arterial pressure and blood circulation)

  • Purifies Blood

  • COVID-19

  • Tendonitis

  • Rheumatism

  • Arthritis

  • Head Aches

  • Asthma

  • Rhinitis

  • Allergies

  • Ulcers

  • Diabetes

  • Constipation (Cleanses your intestines)

  • High Cholesterol

  • Cirrhosis

  • Menstrual Irregularities

  • Low Libido

  • Anxieties

  • Tobacco Dependency, Alcoholism and other addictions

  • Keeps scanning and purifying weak spots in your body for 1 to 2 months after application.

Kambo is a Holistic/Alternative and legal natural medicine. It is Highly antibacterial, more potent than Morphine (33x) and does not have harmful Side Effects but a deeply transformative experience changing your life style for the best.

Spiritually, Kambo helps to level and Realign the Chakras to their proper setting. It Cleanses your Spirit, Clears your Mind and Emotions elevating Energetic levels by deeply cleansing your Physical and Astral Body. Opens your Third Eye and blockages that prevent the flow of Vital Energy as it is a Complete Auric Detoxifier.

Kambo it's also recommended before Ceremonies with other natural medicines. You will feel more grounded and open to receive their teachings. It awakens intuition and your inner self and Creates a force shield against Spiritual attacks. You will experience more energy after application and a deep relief of Negative Energies.



Ask yourself the need behind the desire of experiencing Kambo. this is a powerful medicine and deep reflection into the nature of your interest should be asked. intention is the key to your own healing and spiritual awareness.

Before taking Kambo its recommended to:

  • Have a Clear mind and intention before application

  • Do not consume alcohol for at least 24 to 48 hours prior to treatment

  • There is no Dieta but I recommend Healthy nutritious food, avoid Processed Foods, Meat and Sugars I.E. Low Tyramine Diet (You can read more about Low Tyramine diet in our Blog Section)

  • Rest well the night before

  • Do not eat anything 10 to 12 hours before application

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day (5 days prior to receiving the medicine (You may drink Herbal Teas without Sugars)

  • Water will be provided the day you come

What to bring?

  • Towel and Paper Towels

  • Blanket

  • Come with loose, comfortable clothing and bring two extra sets of clothing

  • Coconut water and juicy fruits (watermelon). for after your session.

  • Good vibes :-)

The Ceremony


We will be sharing thoughts, intentions and past experiences with Kambó, this is the time to ask Questions.

The Medicine Man will smudge participants to cleanse the energetic field, and will honor the frog and your body followed by administration of Rapé in order to engage in meditation with oneself you will also receive the Medicine of Sananga (Eye Drops made from the Roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana Undulata Shrub) It is a Sacred and Potent Medicine used for healing Physical and Spiritual Ailments by clearing the mind of distractive energies, heals and treats problems of the eyes, clears Panemas, expands your spiritual vision and awareness (You can read more about Rapé and Sananga in our Blog Section)


We will call and invoke the Spirit of Kambó, asking permission from Pachamama and from the Sacred Fire in order to conduct the ceremony.

You will initially 3 to 7 dots. These dots are made by lightly burning the skin where the Medicine will be applied so it can go through your lymphatic system 

Generally Women get them on their lower body (inner bottom legs), Lower back or upper body (back or shoulders) and Men on their upper body (arms, shoulders and back)

Within one minute the Medicine goes to every cell of your body. It will Scan the body and goes in places where healing is needed. During application you will be smudged with Palo Santo as it helps with the process.

You will Experience:

  • Nausea

  • Increase of body temperature

  • Electricity-like Vibration.

  • Sweating

  • Swelling in the area of the Neck and Face

  • Accelerated Heart Rate

  • Short-term pain in places where healing is taking effect

  • Diarrhea

  • Shivers

  • Not usual but might experience loss of conciousness for a few seconds

Treatment can take as short as 10 minutes up to one hour.

After application the Medicine Man will treat your Kambo Dots with Sangre De Draco or Dragon’s Blood (It is a secretion from a Sacred Tree from the amazon that has amazing antiseptic properties).


You can also treat them at home with Sangre De Draco or may use Aloe Vera products to help them heal better.

It is highly recommended to receive three Kambó Sessions within 28 days (First 3 sessions preferably taken 3 days in a row or can also do every other day or once a week so your body can assimilate the Medicine).

After the first 3 sessions a Monthly or Bi-Monthly application (Vaccine) is recommended to keep the Medicine active in your body.

Same application Spots/Dots can be used after two months when they are completely healed.

Its recommended that you rest on site and keep meditating as you might feel fatigued.

You will be able to eat a light meal ONE hour after application to strengthen your body and keep a healthy diet  (Preferably a  vegetarian Diet, lots of fruits and water)

Please Avoid alcohol and Drugs to respect your Body and The Medicine



You cannot participate in a kambo ceremony if you have or have a had any of the following:


  • Stroke/Heart Attack

  • Heart bypass surgery

  • Enlarged heart

  • Implanted cardiovascular defibrillators

  • Pericardial Effusion

  • Congestive Heart Disease

  • Excess Fluid in the Heart Sack

  • Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

  • anyone on Chemotherapy

  • Organ Transplant

  • Recovering from a Major Surgical Procedure

  • Aneurysm or Blood Clots

  • Serious Mental Health Conditions

  • Persons with a Psychiatric Diagnosis

  • Seriously low and High blood pressure that requires medication

  • Pregnant Women

  • Women who are breastfeeding children under 1 year of age

  • People taking immunosuppressant's

  • Brain Hemorrhages

  • Addison's disease

  • Current and Severe Epilepsy

  • Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (May Participate with Caution as Kambó intensifies Immune System)

  • Persons with Serious Mental or Health Problems are obliged to inform about them before treatment

  • Women in their moon cycle need to me aware that flow will increase for up to 3 days after taking Kambó

  • If you are asthmatic please ensure that you have your inhaler with you

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